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Below are just a few examples of the positive feedback we’ve had from both Poker Professionals and Amateur players about our poker glasses.

(Our poker glasses have been featured on ESPN, Fox Sports, Sky Sports and many other TV Channels, worn by Pros and Semi Pros throughout the World. As seen on TV shows & major tournaments such as WSOP, WSOP Europe, Poker After Dark, Poker Million.)

See our Poker Pro video clips here: You Tube – Royal Poker Eyewear

Dave ‘DEVILFISH’ Ulliott – Poker Professional (WSOP Bracelet / WPT Winner / Voted European Card Player of the Year) : “Without doubt these poker glasses are the best on the market!! If you want an edge at the table, these are what you’re after!” (Official ROYAL Poker Glasses PRO Sponsor)

(Poker Mag – Devilfish Interview “Fish is the best closer in the business,” Jesse May – TV’s Poker Commentator)

Jim Carroll – Poker Professional (Bracelet Winner – Winstar “River” 1500 entries $700,000 1st Prize – ABC Televised Event) : review of our Poker Sunglasses:-

“Royal’s shades played a part for sure…. my eyes are really bad in dim lights normally. I checked out many brands of poker glasses before trying theirs. They were all either too dim or looked too nerdy. Your shades were the only ones that I could actually wear and see the cards clearly. Every time I got into a serious hand, I would drop the shades down and create a more intimidating look.

Jean-Paul Keely – Poker Professional: Review of our Poker Glasses

Watch players without being detected using Royal’s poker glasses:-

“I find it invaluable to be able to watch players without being detected by anyone…. Royal’s poker glasses allow you to run your recon operations more covertly and don’t strain your eyes… v.important when enduring all-night battles!! Royal poker glasses are a very useful tool to have, they come highly recommended!” (Official ROYAL Poker Glasses PRO Sponsor)

Harry Clifford – Unknown Profession: Review of our Poker Sunglasses

“I have always been a bit dubious about wearing poker glasses at the table, but having seen the reaction by my opponents when I raise or re-raise, I now wont play without them or at least have them closeby!!”

Dan Kerridge – Poker Professional: Review of our Poker Glasses

“For me, you only get the best tells off people when they don’t know you’re looking at them. Royal’s poker glasses provide perfect vision enabling me to watch and pounce!” (Official ROYAL Poker Glasses PRO sponsor)

John Marshall – Unknown Profession: Review of our Poker Glasses

“Thanks for the swift delivery guys, I’m chuffed with how your poker glasses look and feel!!”

Daniel Wallis – Recruitment Consultant: Review of our Poker Glasses

“Your poker sunglasses are crucial for the way I read players…”

“I love my poker glasses by Royal; simply wearing them makes you feel more confident!! Plus I’m able to watch people look at their hole cards, the flop, turn and river, without them ever knowing I’m staring dead at them. Your poker glasses are crucial for the way I read players. If people don’t know your staring at them, they do some pretty stupid things…”

Kevin White – Accountant: Review of our Poker Glasses

5-hour tournament, no strained eyes, thanks to Royal’s poker glasses:-

“Quick note to say thank you! I was wearing your poker glasses while playing in a 5-hour tournament last night…no strained eyes and 5th place! 5th for me is awesome! I can’t get over how great these poker glasses are. Thanks again guys!”

David Philippson – Poker Professional: Review of our Poker Glasses

“After an hour or so into a tournament I actually forgot I was wearing a pair of poker glasses. The vision out they provide was so natural, whilst still giving me the confidence that my eyes were shielded from other players. This enabled me to conceal and pick up vital information.” (Official ROYAL Poker Glasses PRO sponsor)

Royal Poker Sunglasses: As you can see our poker glasses have had some great reviews, now try them for yourself with no risk – 30 day money back guarantee on all our poker glasses.