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Sponshorship News – Poker Sunglasses

French professional poker player David Benyamine seems to have lost the magic touch. Benyamine used to play high stakes online poker at Full Tilt Poker (FTP), using his own name, and though he is still playing on FTP, rumour has it that he is not playing as a professional any longer. Aside from playing poker on FTP, FTP also sponsored him, but sponsorship news has it that as of November 2008 this is no longer the case.

In other sponsorship news it has been said that FTP are currently working on a deal with 22-year-old Tom Dwan, better known as ‘Durr’. Dwan grew up in Edison, New Jersey but now lives in Fort Worth, Texas. He went to Boston University as an English major, but dropped out to play poker full time. He has become one of the biggest cash game players in the world. According to High Stakes DB, he has made more than $4,000,000 by playing high stakes poker online. Dwan has an aggressive style of play, one that is present among other poker players of his age group. It seems as though older players often ridicule this style.

As of 2008, Benyamine’s total live tournament winnings exceed $3,100,000, while Dwan has exceeded $4,000,000 and has even been compared to Doyle Brunson. In light of Dwan’s achievements in such a short space of time, wanting Dwan on the list of pros is justified, but some wonder whether dropping Benyamine makes sense. There have been suggestions that Benyamine is being removed to make way for Dwan. Another implication, by looking at the list of players sponsored by FTP, is that players who are not pro are getting sponsorship deals.

One wonders whether the fault lies with the players or whether there has been a lapse in judgement by the FTP itself. Over the next few weeks, sponsorship news may just provide some clarity to this somewhat blurry situation.

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