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Buckinghamshire, England (September 2008) – The golden rule of poker: never let your eyes give away your cards. Royal Poker Eyewear just raised the stakes with the launch of a new line of revolutionary state-of-the-art poker glasses, giving poker players a superior way to shield their eyes from opponents, without sacrificing vision and style.

Wearing mirrored poker sunglasses puts opponents at a disadvantage, making it difficult for them to read your eyes and pick-up any give away “tells.” Until now, many so-called poker glasses were nothing more than re-packaged sunglasses with dark lenses that are not conducive to clubs, casinos, and dimly lit card rooms. Designed for both high rollers and amateur poker players, Royal Poker Eyewear’s new premium lenses are clear and maximize light enabling players to see their cards clearly.


The secret behind Royal Poker Eyewear’s premium lenses is the dual dielectric anti-reflective film coating which shields up to 98% of vision in and enhances vision out by allowing maximum light transmission in low light conditions. This special mirrored coating provides a distinct advantage, allowing you to read other players and gather information secretly without giving away anything in return.

The modern frames are a light weight composite design, perfect for long tournaments and all-night battles, and come accompanied with a draw bag and soft cleaning cloth for protection. The poker glasses retail for £39.99/$74.99 a pair and can be ordered online at www.royal-eyewear.com.


* MAXIMISE LIGHT TRANSMISSION – Unique lenses maximise light enabling you to see your cards clearly. The special inner lens coating ‘Retina Enhancing Technology’ actually increases the brightness of your surroundings.

* SHIELD YOUR EYES – 98% shielding with the anti-reflective outer coating. The frame design means you have 360◦ angle protection from other players

* “PSYCH OUT” YOUR OPPONENTS – Boost your “Scare Factor” – Look like you mean business, even when you’re bluffing!

* LIGHT WEIGHT DESIGN – Light weight comfortable composite design, perfect for long tournaments and all-night sessions

* UNIVERSAL STYLE – Modern wrap-round frame suits a wide range of face types


Russell Morgan is the energetic “visionary” behind Royal Poker Eyewear. A keen poker player, Russell found that too many days and nights in dimly lit casinos were taking their toll on his vision and his winnings. “My old dark glasses were making it tough for me to observe other players discreetly and I was giving myself away by having to check and re-check cards in the low light” said Russell Morgan, title, Royal Poker Eyewear. Russell decided to take a real gamble…on himself. He set to work to design a solution: poker sunglasses that would maximize vision out and not allow people to see in. What started as a personal project became an exciting business venture when he realised that his poker sunglasses were exactly what all poker players were looking for.