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Poker tournaments vs cash games

This is often the start of a debate between different types of players. Some feel poker tournaments are the best while others prefer cash games. There can be no winner in a debate regarding this issue, because people are different and some will flourish in the tournaments while others know they should rather stick to cash games.

A few famous poker players such as, Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey are able to have great success with tournaments and cash games. They are lucky to have strength in both, but most players specialize in one of the options.

Playing a cash game means that you take home the chips you have by the time you stand up and leave the table. If you avoid the common mistakes of playing too many hands and coping with your losses – then you are bound to be on your way to developing great poker skills. You can sit down at the cash game, play for a while and leave whenever you are ready, with your chips. (In both types of events, Royal’s poker sunglasses have proven to give players an edge.)

At a tournament everyone also pays their buy-in and received a certain amount of chips. The buy-ins is then divided and make up the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. Everyone will start to play and as soon as you run out of chips, you are out of the game. You cannot stand up and leave with the chips you have left, you must play until you either win or lose. You must either win or get close to winning quite a few pots to ensure you stay in front and make it to the end, or you will go home with nothing. Wearing Royal poker sunglasses, enables you to sit, wait, watch and pounce when you get a read on an opponent.

The moment you figure out which of those two playing options suit you best, stick with it and develop your skills in that area. If you are a cash game player and want to play tournaments, you will need to change your style a bit, especially if you are used to playing cash games tight. Tournament players will also need to adapt their ways when switching to cash games. The pros and cons of cash games vs tournaments will be different for each player, depending on their personal strengths.