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Poker Sunglasses by Royal – Phil Hellmuth Article

Winner of eleven World Series of Poker bracelets, Phil Hellmuth wore our poker sunglasses at the WSOP 2008 in Vegas recently. He tried them on the 1st day of the Main Event, and loved them so much, he continued to wear our poker sunglasses for the remaining 4 days he was in the competition.

You can see Phil wearing our poker sunglasses on our YouTube Channel which we have a link to on our testimonials page (poker sunglasses). Theres also a photo in our gallery of Phil Hellmuth wearing our poker sunglasses for his WSOP Main Event big entrance where he came into the Rio hotel in military uniform accompanied by 11 beautiful women each representing one of his 11 bracelets. (poker sunglasses)

Phil Hellmuth is an extremely successful poker player who, to date, has amassed over $6 million with his 69 money finishes at the World Series Of Poker (WSOP). He is currently ranked 8th on the WSOP All Time Money List, and up until a few months ago he has held the record for being the youngest winner of the WSOP main event, which he won in 1989. 22 year-old Peter Eastgate now holds this record. Other tournaments Hellmuth has dominated include the World Poker Tour, Late Night Poker as well as High Stakes Poker.

Hellmuth is now trying his hand at clothing. There are various styles of the shirts available in multiple colours, with the “Poker Tree” style being one of the favourites. The shirt features a black giant oak tree on a white background, with the four different card suits comprising the leaves. It is available in Medium, Large, XL, and XXL sizes, and sells for $34.95. Other designs include shirts sporting the Poker Brat logo, poker skaters as well as the “PH” logo. One design sure to win poker fans over is a light blue shirt displaying “If it weren’t for luck, I’d win every hand,” which is one of Hellmuth’s best known quotes.

His love for our poker sunglasses has proven just how good our lens is, and why the big pros like Devilfish and Hellmuth continue to wear our poker sunglasses.

Other Phil Hellmuth items available include his books “Play Poker Like the Pros,” “Phil Hellmuth’s Texas Hold’em,” “Bad Beats and Lucky Draws,” and “Read ‘Em and Reap.” You can also purchase his instructional poker videos, which includes “Ultimate White To Black Belt Course” and “Phil Hellmuth’s Million Dollar Poker Secrets.”

The next time you have trouble deciding what to wear to your poker games, leave it to Phil Hellmuth, and you just concentrate on winning big….if you want that killer edge like Phil and Devilfish, you really need a pair of our poker sunglasses.