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“Without doubt these poker glasses are the best on the market”
Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott
(WSOP Bracelet/ WPT Winner/ Voted European Card Player of the Year)







Royal Poker Eyewear are proud to be partnered with:-

Poker Sunglasses

Royal’s Poker Sunglasses are brand leading glasses designed and developed for playing poker in low lit conditions. Our poker sunglasses provide complete shielding of the eyes while brightening the room at the same time.

Our poker sunglasses have been scientifically developed to maximise light while shielding the eyes. Our poker sunglasses secret is the ‘Dual Anti Reflective Dielectric’ lens coating technology combined with its scotopic filter system.

Royal Poker Eyewear offer an award winning range of poker sunglasses worn by Poker Pros such as Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott and Phil Hellmuth, among others. Our poker sunglasses have been worn by Pros on TV and at major Poker Events. E.G. WSOP, WSOP Europe, WPT, Poker Million, Late Night Poker.

Our range of poker sunglasses all have the same unique lens. Our special poker sunglasses lens offers maximum light transmission, complete shielding of the eyes, as well as providing a soothing effect on the eye, combined with its ‘colour popping’ high resolution filter system.

Poker Glasses

Our poker glasses mean you wont give away tells and provide vastly improved vision through our lenses unique brightening agent. Our poker glasses offer the best all-round support for long poker sessions or tournaments.

Royal poker glasses have been reviewed and are recommended by leading Poker magazines throughout the World. The poker glasses by Royal Poker Eyewear have been purposely developed to help brighten the room while providing complete shielding from any angle.

Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott has been quoted as saying that Royal’s poker glasses are without doubt the best poker glasses on the market. If you want to utilize glasses or sunglasses at the poker table, Royals poker sunglasses offer both great vision and shielding capabilities.

Royal Poker Glasses utilize a unique ‘dual coated’ lens technology which has taken over 4 years of research and development to perfect. Our range of poker glasses provide maximum light transmission in low-lit conditions as well as complete shielding of the eyes.

Royal Poker Eyewear – The Vision to Win

Q: Why are our Poker Glasses different from the competition?
A: Our unique poker glasses have a dual dielectric anti-reflective lens coating applied to them that actually brightens the room whilst providing shielding from all angles.

Giving away no tells, and providing vastly improved vision through our lenses unique brightening agent, our poker glasses offer the best all-round support for long poker sessions or tournaments.
Q: Can people see my cards in the reflection of your lens?
A: No. Our lens has an opaque design so reflection is smeered slightly helping protect your cards. However, obviously if you hold your cards up to your face, the cards will be reflected in the lens, but this happens with all mirrored glasses. Provided when wearing our poker glasses you keep your cards on the table, its been proven to be impossible to read the cards, (including whether they are red or black suited).
Q: Can I try your poker glasses out, and send them back if I dont like them?
A: Yes. We’re so confident you will love our poker glasses, we offer a 30 day ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee.
Q: Can I get a pair of your poker sunglasses for free?
A: Yes you can. We have agreed exclusive deals with over 20 Poker Sites, they want to give you a FREE pair of our Poker Glasses and Maximum Rakeback for signing up with them. (You must play for real money and accumulate 900 points to qualify: See our Rakeback page for more details.)

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